Life is full of "New Beginnings" I have surely realized this, since we completed our mission as a church to the Western World. Through Prayer and counseling we believe God has extended our ministry to His Church and leadership. December 28th of 2014 was our last meeting as a church on Sundays. It has surely been our privilege and honor to have pastored so many wonderful people and their families for so many years. Tomball Cowboy Church was one of the early churches that pioneered a move of God in the western culture. Our heart then and still is now, to pursue God and the Lord Jesus Christ in His truth and promises for the Kingdom. His Word is still the same and will never change.

We know His great grace and faithfulness!!

Today we are living the "New Beginning" with Western Apostolic Church Ministries, as encouragers to ministries we have been in relationship with for the past 24 years. I have a whole new understanding of what it means to be a Barnabas and how powerful the gift of encouragement can be. We know from experience how important it is for the leadership of God's Kingdom to have people praying, encouraging and edifying these men and women of God.

Charlotte and myself are at a place now where can go and be with them, to serve and encourage, that is simply all it is. The response has been overwhelming for us as we get to see the fruit that God is providing in their people. I really like what one pastor friend of ours said, "I knew when you walked in the door that you had something from God to give me." It was that word of encouragement that he needed at that time and God allowed us to deliver it to him. I can tell you that is exactly what we desire to do!! Deliver the mail!

The future for us is exciting as we travel all over this great nation, reconnecting with some of the very best people we have ever known. Western Apostolic Church Ministries has been and will continue to host something new for leadership growth.

"The Discovery Forum" Which is a mentoring and discipline gathering to dialogue on today's message for today's church leaders and up coming leaders as well.

Many things are in the works for us, even a school to discover the Kingdom of God and how we live in it today.

Charlotte and myself want to thank all of those who have allowed us to be a part of their lives for these many years. Your love and support has been nothing less than amazing in our journey together. Please continue to watch our web-site for updates and more information on upcoming events and meeting we will be hosting in the future.

God Bless You All,
Pastor Shawn and Charlotte O'Hearn

Pastors Shawn
& Charlotte O'Hearn

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